5 Ideas for Staging Your New Lake Oconee Home

Stage Lake Oconee Home

Enjoy Outdoor Spaces

The purchase of your long-dreamed-of second home at Lake Oconee is just the first step.  Staging your new lake house, and making it your own, is the second step.  Home staging is not just to prepare a house to sell, it is also useful to help personalize that new home after the purchase.  Staging a new home does not have to be a very expensive project, or require a decorator’s help to execute .  This is your chance to get away from the antiques and formal window treatments that may define your primary home in the city, and set your more relaxed and creative self free.  I have collected some staging ideas from my readings, and from my experience viewing homes in the Lake Oconee area.  Following are some ideas that may help the new owner to make that lake home a cozy get-away place.

Let the View be the Focus

Stage Lake Oconee Home

Let the View be the Window Treatment

Let the beautiful Lake or Woods view be visible the minute one walks in the door.  Don’t let heavy window treatments or furniture block the eye from seeing the view to the outdoors .  If the home you have bought has heavy draperies, take them down and let the light flow in!  Don’t let large furniture block the eye from seeing that lake or wooded beauty.  The outdoors should be the focal point for this room.

Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colors provide a soothing background, and also promote the view to the outdoors.  The current popular hues for lakeside decor are the blues and the grays.  These colors also extend the idea of  water to the interior, and allow inhabitants to really relax.  Let the accessories provide a few pops of color in the decor.

Stage Your Lake Oconee Home

The new neutrals, blue and gray

Provide Large Dining Areas

As many Lake Oconee home owners often host friends or family in their homes, the trend is to create large indoor and/or outdoor eating areas.  Instead of having a separate, formal dining room, provide a large informal table that can seat 12-16 people.  The style of the table should be casual, one that accommodates even the youngest of guests.  Outdoor cooking and eating are also popular on the Lake Oconee lakeside.

Use Plenty of Wood

Stage Your Lake Oconee Home

Wood Elements Extend the Natural Feel

To continue the relaxed, natural theme inside a home,  Lake Oconee homeowners  often make use of many design elements of wood.  Wood can be used in beams, floors, mantles and cabinetry.  More creative wood ideas are to create new wainscoting of bead board, put planks on the ceilings, or to buy rustic-styled furniture for the decor.  If the home you buy already contains older dark wood paneling or cabinets, either paint them with a lighter color, or stain them with a translucent gray stain to let the texture and grain show.

Accent with Nautical Accessories

Stage Your Lake Oconee Home

Use Nautical Accent



Nautical accessories are a fun and casual way to put accents in your Lake Oconee Home.   Do remember, though, to not overdo it.  Keep a look-out for used oars; they look good arranged over a bed, or propped up in a corner as pictured here.  Other nautical accent features are ropes used as railing, or fishing gear such as nets or creels attached to the walls.  Simple paintings of boats are effective to add to the theme.

One other often used idea at a Lake Oconee Home is to have a large “grandchild bedroom”.  A large room filled with sets of bunk beds or single beds make children love to come visit the lake.

Make it easy on yourself, use popular catalogs and online shopping sites to order casual light fixtures and accessories.




Now is the time to buy a home in the Lake Oconee area, so you can create your own lakeside get-away.  The prices are low, and so are the loan rates.

For more information about Homes for Sale in the Lake Oconee Area, call Suzie (706-347-1115) or Jim (706-453-6253) Through our Multiple Listing Service, we have the key to any home for sale.

RE/MAX Lake Oconee Agents Realty  706-454-7777

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Suzie and Jim Hudson, A Unique Team Suzie and Jim Hudson have long been known in the Lake Oconee Area as trustworthy people who like to give back to the community; Jim as a previous banker, and Suzie as a teacher. Jim's past experience as president of a local bank makes him well suited to negotiating and preparing contracts for home buying and selling. After residing in Atlanta for 20 years, the Hudsons moved their family to the Lake Oconee area in 1990. Having grown up in the local town of Eatonton, Jim has an insightful knowledge of the past and present development of the area. He has served on the Greene County Development Authority for many years, making sure that the local area is developed to its full potential. Real Estate Specialty Designations Jim earned the realtor designation of SFR: Short Sales. Foreclosure Resource which makes him well suited to navigate the current economic environment. On entering the Real Estate field, Suzie followed her eye for design to become certified by Property Staging Consultants in the new field of home staging. Present Status Jim and Suzie first settled in to a historic home in Greensboro and enjoyed the small town life. Jim and Suzie now live in a gated community and enjoy the pasttime of golf. Jim has created guidelines evaluating the various features of all the local golf courses from his personal experience playing them to help the prospective buyer choose the golf experience that best fits his/her game. Full Service, Internet REALTORS Jim and Suzie Hudson were among the first local realtors to use the power of the Internet with LakeOconee.com Realty to reach home buyers across the nation. They continue to be at the forefront of Internet real estate sales. Their new blog is Look@LakeOconee, which focuses on real estate, staging, and the Lake Oconee lifestyle. The Hudsons joined the RE/MAX company in 2011 and now have a world-wide reach for new buyers and sellers. Relationship with customers does not end at closing. Jim and Suzie have made customer service a cornerstone of their real estate business, often fielding and monitoring home repairs for absent home owners who have purchased second homes at Lake Oconee, or who are selling a home here. Staging to sell is complimentary for homes that they list, and they advise sellers to complete deferred home repairs before placing their home on the market.

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