Lake Oconee is a Good Place to Retire

Lake Oconee is a good place for one to choose as a retirement home.  When a person begins to choose a retirement community,  he/she thinks of many facets of life including climate, medical services, recreation, cost of living, and proximity of friends and relatives. After researching existing information about what constitutes a satisfactory retirement location, I have created my own list of reasons to choose Lake Oconee as your retirement home.

1. Climate- Lake Oconee has the proverbial four seasons that make life more interesting. Spring and Fall are spectacular, Summer can be hot, and we even have a little snow every now and then in Winter. Outdoor activities are feasible for the majority of the year.

2. Recreation- There is much to choose from at Lake Oconee in the way of activities: boating, fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking are sports that are popular here. If you enjoy spectator sports, college football and professional baseball and football are a little more than an hour away. In the spring the community is hopping with patrons who attend the Masters Golf Tournament, only an hour away. There are also unlimited opportunities for artists, bridge enthusiasts, and book  clubbers.

3. Education- If a retiree wants to expand his/her education , local universities such as the University of Georgia, and Georgia College and State University offer adult learning courses.

4. Medical Care- The Cowles Clinic and Medical College of Georgia add to the effort of local doctors and hospitals to provide specialty medical care. Larger hospitals are a short drive away.

5. Volunteerism – Many retirees enjoy giving back to the community. At Lake Oconee, there are many opportunities to volunteer; churches, schools, and large charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill to name a few. Many of us choose to mentor a local child in the school system.

6. Friendly Taxes- Georgia is rated by Kiplinger as among the 10 best states for tax rates for retirees. Social Security income is exempt, and so is many other types of retirement income. Find the details about Georgia’s taxes here.

7. Wide Range of Housing- Real estate to buy or rent in the Lake Oconee area covers a range from less than $100,000 up to several million dollars.  Selections include small town (residential) homes, gated golf communities, lake communities, and farms with acreage. For an example of a small town residential home click here. You can purchase a farm with acreage like the one here.  Sample a lake community home here.  See an example of a golf community lakeside home here.

8. Grandchildren- Informal studies show that more grandchildren come to visit when the grandparents live at Lake Oconee!

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About Look@LakeOconee

Suzie and Jim Hudson, A Unique Team Suzie and Jim Hudson have long been known in the Lake Oconee Area as trustworthy people who like to give back to the community; Jim as a previous banker, and Suzie as a teacher. Jim's past experience as president of a local bank makes him well suited to negotiating and preparing contracts for home buying and selling. After residing in Atlanta for 20 years, the Hudsons moved their family to the Lake Oconee area in 1990. Having grown up in the local town of Eatonton, Jim has an insightful knowledge of the past and present development of the area. He has served on the Greene County Development Authority for many years, making sure that the local area is developed to its full potential. Real Estate Specialty Designations Jim earned the realtor designation of SFR: Short Sales. Foreclosure Resource which makes him well suited to navigate the current economic environment. On entering the Real Estate field, Suzie followed her eye for design to become certified by Property Staging Consultants in the new field of home staging. Present Status Jim and Suzie first settled in to a historic home in Greensboro and enjoyed the small town life. Jim and Suzie now live in a gated community and enjoy the pasttime of golf. Jim has created guidelines evaluating the various features of all the local golf courses from his personal experience playing them to help the prospective buyer choose the golf experience that best fits his/her game. Full Service, Internet REALTORS Jim and Suzie Hudson were among the first local realtors to use the power of the Internet with Realty to reach home buyers across the nation. They continue to be at the forefront of Internet real estate sales. Their new blog is Look@LakeOconee, which focuses on real estate, staging, and the Lake Oconee lifestyle. The Hudsons joined the RE/MAX company in 2011 and now have a world-wide reach for new buyers and sellers. Relationship with customers does not end at closing. Jim and Suzie have made customer service a cornerstone of their real estate business, often fielding and monitoring home repairs for absent home owners who have purchased second homes at Lake Oconee, or who are selling a home here. Staging to sell is complimentary for homes that they list, and they advise sellers to complete deferred home repairs before placing their home on the market.

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  1. Elizabeth Hassell

    When we moved here in 2000, my daughter said – Oh Mom, I can see it now- my wedding in the clubhouse and all your grandchildren coming to stay with you, having boat rides and learning to play golf. Waiting on those grandchildern!! But we’re ready with the “Camp Oconee” activities.


  2. we moved so many times-never staying anywhere for more than a few years…therefore if we did not like something about where we were we knew in a few years we would be somewhere else so it did not matter …but when we retired we wanted a place from which we would never want to move…and here we are!..hopefully not that this is imminent, but our kids and grands are already telling usd not to sell this house so they can have it to share when we “kick the bucket”!


  3. LOVED the blog. What great info. about the lake and for anyone interested in living here.


  4. Helen Vardas

    Lake Oconee is a great place to live. Good friends, good food,
    lots of fun.


  5. We love it here…can’t think of a better place to live! Our four grandkids aren’t quite old enough to play golf yet, but sure love the pools, especially at the Lake Club and The Landing!


  6. Thanks for reinforcing my point that Lake Oconee is a grandchild magnet! My grandma never had such a fun place!


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